Pin Busters! Simple Lemon-y Sink Cleaner

On Pinterest, I saw a simple but supposedly effective way to clean your sink - and make it smell good, too. You just need a lemon, salt, baking soda, water, & a little elbow grease. I'm not going to link back to an original blogger because 1) I don't remember who suggested this method, 2) I forgot to actually Pin it, and 3) it's not really a "recipe", so I don't feel too bad about it.

I have a Corian countertop with integrated sinks, so I have a limited number of things that I can use for cleaning. I usually just wipe the sinks daily and scrub them once a week with Soft Scrub. I use lemons in my drinking water, and I always have them in the house, so this is something that would be easy for me to do to clean my sinks.

Here is a "before" picture - I have thoughtfully marked the icky spots.

First I ran some water in the sink to wet the surface. Then I sprinkled a little baking soda and salt over the bottom of the sink. Normally, I would've used the ends of the lemon to get a better grip and more scrubbing surface, but I had a couple of slices that I had just squeezed into a glass of water, so I decided to use those, LOL! No fuss - no waste!

Not bad! I bet it would've been even better if I had used the ends of the lemon. Also, after I was finished, I cut the lemon rind into small pieces & ran it through the garbage disposal. I love the smell of lemons!

The verdict: Pin-worthy!! I don't know if this will always be enough to clean the sinks, but it works when you just need a little something to clean them up a bit.

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