Pin Busters! D-I-Y Miracle Pan Cleaner

Have you seen those amazing pictures on Pinterest of the disgusting cookie sheets that look almost new again after being cleaned with two simple household items? Who doesn't want their pans to look like new again? Especially if no elbow grease is involved? Sign me up!

Supposedly, you just take hydrogen peroxide and baking soda, make a paste, slap it on, leave it sit for awhile, then come back and wipe most of the baked on gunk away. If it's really bad, some scrubbing may be required. Sounds simple enough!

 I decided to test it on one of my cookie sheets that has some baked-on gunk. The pan doesn't have a ton of stuff on it, because I usually replace the pans at least once a year (when they're half off at Kroger), and I either use parchment paper or foil on it when I'm baking - but it does have some stuff on it.

I made a paste of hydrogen peroxide and baking soda and then applied that to some spots on the pan. After a couple of hours, I checked on it:

Not much happening.

For the next several hours, whenever it looked like it was drying out, I added a little more peroxide (and baking soda) as needed. Then I went to bed, leaving it sit overnight.

The next morning, I added a little peroxide, and scrubbed the pan with a brush. (I only worked on the right side.) This is what it looked like afterward:

It did clean some of the stuff off, but I was hoping for better results. I don't think it's worth the time & effort I put into it - especially when a new pan is only $4.

The verdict: Pin-worthy! It didn't work well enough for me, but to be fair, I'm wondering if the fact that my pan has a non-stick coating on it is why it didn't work. The ones I saw it tested on were the regular aluminum pans.

Have you tried it? Did it work for you? You can check out the One Good Thing blog to read the original test by Jillee.

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