Product Review: LipSense Lip Color by SeneGence

By now, most of you have probably seen, heard of, or tried LipSense by SeneGence. I have a friend who is a SeneGence consultant, and believe it or not, before she told me about it, I hadn't heard of LipSense. I know! How is that possible? She was kind enough to send me a complimentary LipSense starter kit so I could check it out. Since I had some questions about it, I thought you might, too - so I'm going to try to answer some of what I think are the most-asked questions.

Four tubes of LipSense Lip Color by SeneGence lying on a wooden table

(I received complimentary products for this post, but all opinions are honestly mine. This post may contain affiliate links which were added to make it easier for you to find the items. If you click on an affiliate link and make a purchase, I will receive a small commission (at no extra cost to you). You are free to use the links or not - if you do, I thank you!)

LipSense? What is that?

Basically, it's lip color that when applied correctly, can last 4-18 hours. There are 36 colors in the regular line, and those colors can be layered to create new colors. I believe there are 11 different glosses. You purchase from a consultant, and there are frequent sales/specials.

Here's what SeneGence says about LipSense:
  • it's a non-wax liquid lip color that is waterproof and does not kiss off, smear off, rub off, or budge off
  • does not dry out your lips – it works to restore the moisture content
  • denatured alcohol is used as the delivery system for the color, and evaporates immediately upon application, causing a tingling sensation
  • shades with mica tend to not wear as long as the matte shades
  • the formulation varies for each color - some are more sheer and thinner in consistency - that, combined with the different body chemistry of each wearer, can make the color last more/less time

Blonde woman with long layered hair wearing Sassy Z Lipsense Lip Color by Senegence!
 (wearing 3 layers of Sassy Z topped with Glossy gloss)

Do you apply it like other lip products?

No - and there is definitely a learning curve to the application process. But it's pretty easy to get the hang of it, and once you do, your lip color should stay on all or most of the day. SeneGence recommends three thin layers of color, applied several seconds apart (allowing it to dry before the next layer), topped with one of their glosses.

Here's my personal application method - Don't be scared, I know it looks overwhelming, but it's not:
  1. wipe lips with a little alcohol-free witch hazel on a cotton pad to be sure they're oil & makeup-free
  2. shake my LipSense lip color well, shake some more, then shake again for good measure
  3. remove the wand from the tube, scraping all sides of the doefoot applicator against the side of the top of the tube to remove excess product
  4. using the tip of the applicator, I start in the left corner of my lower lip and in one movement, I line the outer edge of the lip to the center
  5. then I pick up a little of the color I just removed from the applicator and starting in the right corner of my lower lip, I line the outer edge to the center in one movement
  6. dip wand in tube, repeat #3, and use the tip of the applicator to line my Cupid's bow
  7. add a little of the product I just removed, I use the tip of the applicator to line the left side of my upper lip, starting at the upper point of my Cupid's bow and moving toward the outside corner
  8. repeat #7 on the right side of my upper lip - lips are lined!
  9. dip wand in tube, repeat #3, then use the longer side of the applicator to apply a thin layer of color to my lower lip, starting on the left and moving to the right
  10. move back to the waterline (where the moist part of your mouth meets your lips) of my lower lip and apply a layer there, in the same way, but not touching the layer I just applied
  11. keeping my lips apart, dip wand in tube, repeat #3, then use the longer side of the applicator to apply a thin layer of color to the left side of my upper lip, starting at the Cupid's bow and moving to the left corner
  12. add a little of the product I just removed and repeat #11 on the right side of my upper lip
  13. move back to the waterline of my upper lip and apply a layer there, in the same way, but not touching the layer I just applied
  14. repeat steps 9-13 two more times, allowing 10-15 seconds between layers for the color to dry, and keeping lips apart
  15. once final layer of color is dry, apply gloss

I know, I know. That seems like a lot of steps and a lot of work, but keep in mind that it only takes a couple of minutes to do this, and then my lip color is DONE for the day except for occasionally applying a coat of gloss. And I don't need a mirror for that. With regular lipstick and lipgloss, I would be reapplying color every 2-3 hours throughout the day AND I would need a mirror.

Blonde woman with long layered hair wearing Pink Champagne Lipsense Lip Color by Senegence!
(wearing 3 layers of Pink Champagne topped with Glossy gloss)

Will it really stay on for 18 hours?

As long as I didn't eat anything greasy, the shortest amount of time it has stayed on for me is about 8 hours, and the longest is 12 hours - but at the 12 hour mark, I removed it while it was completely intact, so I'm sure it would've lasted a few hours longer. And that was through eating non-greasy food, drinking, and kissing.

Eating something that has a high oil content, like salad dressing, will break down the product. Especially around the waterline. Not a big deal if you're wearing a color close to your natural lip color, but pretty noticeable with dark/bright colors. Reapplying the gloss before eating definitely helps protect the color.

As I mentioned earlier, colors with mica tend to wear off more quickly than the "matte" shades. (In LipSense lingo, matte shades are ones without mica. All colors are topped with one of their glosses.) For me, the Pink Champagne (with mica) definitely wears off more quickly than the matte Sassy Z. But I also find that matte Goddess wears off more quickly around the waterline than matte Sassy Z. So it really does vary from color to color, and not just from mica to matte.

What about that exfoliation process I hear so much about?

SeneGence says the "exfoliating" or "peeling" process/stage occurs because LipSense is getting rid of dead skin and wax build-up from years of using lip products with wax in them. I don't doubt that a lot of people go through a peeling process, but I don't believe it's from wax build-up. That's just my opinion though, and here's why...

My lips are almost never without a lip product on them. I have worn lip liner, lipstick, and lipgloss daily and a moisturizing lip product to bed at night for over 30 years - and yes, these products contain wax. When I started using LipSense, I only noticed a tiny bit of peeling along my lower waterline the first couple of days, and it seemed to be more of an issue with over-application of product peeling off, not skin. Once I learned to apply very thin layers, I never had another issue. I have exfoliated my lips twice weekly for several years, so I feel like my lips are in good condition, and I'm sure that helped. But as much as I use lip products with wax, if "wax build-up" existed, I would have it.

What does that mean? Well, in my opinion, (and please note that this is just my opinion) it means that if your lips are in really good condition, and you apply the product correctly, you won't have an issue with peeling. If your lips already tend to be dry and peely, then you're probably going to go through a peeling stage. My guess is that because the regular application of the Glossy gloss provides hydration, that's why it takes different amounts of time - it's dependent upon how much moisture your lips need. I think the the denatured alcohol in the product, even though it evaporates quickly, is still drying - that's why the moisturizing gloss is so important. The SeneGence explanation? Just marketing. But again, that's just my opinion.

How much does it cost?

A basic starter kit is $55 and consists of a LipSense color of your choice, a LipSense Glossy gloss to set the color, and a LipSense Ooops! Remover to remove the color. Individual prices are $25 for color, $20 for gloss, and $10 for remover.

The gloss gets used up most quickly because you use it more often, and with every color. It can also be used alone to give your lips extra moisture.

Blonde woman with long layered hair wearing Goddess Lipsense Lip Color by Senegence!
(wearing 3 layers of Goddess topped with Glossy gloss)

Is it easy to remove?

Yes and no. SeneGence says to only use their Ooops! Remover to remove the product. But I don't like the Ooops! Remover. I find I have to apply it 2-3 times to remove all of the color, and I almost always end up getting some of it in my mouth by that point - and it tastes terrible. I also find that I have to rub a good bit to get the color off. Rumor has it that you can use Neutrogena Facial Cleansing Bar and a washcloth to remove the color. I think you could probably use any oil-based cleanser. I use a tiny drop of the Skinfix® Foaming Oil Cleanser that I reviewed a few weeks ago, and it takes it off immediately. Personally, I'd rather save my money for more LipSense lip color than spend it on the Ooops! Remover - am I right? Keep the one that comes in the starter kit to fix any mistakes when you're applying color. (Update: I've been using the Neutrogena Cleansing Bar to remove the Lipsense and it works great!)

Tube of LipSense Ooops! Remover with applicator out of tube - being held in a hand

Pros? Cons?

Here's my list of pros and cons (others' may vary):

  • Color lasts at least 8 hours for me if I don't eat food with high oil content
  • Color truly has been waterproof, smudge-proof, kiss-proof and a big plus for mature lips - feather-proof
  • Can make sooo many additional colors by layering colors in different ways
  • Only need to apply lipcolor once a day (may need a touch-up depending on the color used and what is eaten)
  • Money back guarantee
  • Stinging upon application (they says "tingling", I disagree)
  • Learning curve for application (especially for mature lips with vertical lines)
  • Eating foods with a high oil content breaks down the product quickly
  • Can be tricky to "touch-up" color if it starts to break down

There have been a few down sides, but not enough to make me stop using it. However, if I know I will be eating something that will break down the product, I usually will choose a different lip product for that day. On the other hand, when I'm going to an event, it's wonderful to be able to apply my LipSense lip product once and then no more worries!

Would you buy it?

That one's easy - I already have! I purchased the Pink Champagne and Goddess lipcolors, Opal gloss, and an additional Glossy gloss. All of my colors are blue-based/cool because those tend to look better on me. Sassy Z (from my starter kit) and Goddess are limited edition colors and may be more difficult to find than the 36 shades that are part of the regular line.

Pink Champagne & Sassy Z LipSense Lip Color held so color names on bottom of tubes are visible

How do I get more info or purchase?

My friend, Jen, has a Facebook group called Bama Beauty - Life Proof Cosmetics where you can ask any questions and see more photos. She would be happy to answer any questions and help you place an order. You can contact Jen through the Facebook group or by email: jenhelvie at icloud dot com.

Have you tried LipSense? Love it, hate it, or on the fence? If you love it, what's your favorite color? I want to know! Leave a comment here, send me a snap, or you can also find me on Instagram and Facebook!


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