How Important is Daily Sunscreen?

I bet when the sun is out and the temperature is warm, you always remember to wear sunscreen, right? But did you know that you should be wearing sunscreen Every. Single. Day? This is especially important if you have rosacea, are taking medications that cause sun sensitivity, or if you are serious about your anti-aging program.

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You've probably heard about UVA and UVB rays, but do you know what they are and what they do? They are ultraviolet rays emitted by the sun and they both damage skin, but in different ways. UVB rays cause sunburn and damage the skin's outer layers. The strength of these rays varies by season, location, and time of day. But keep in mind that even when it snows, you can get a sunburn because the UVB rays bounce off reflective surfaces (like snow and ice) and hit the skin twice. These rays do not penetrate glass well.

UVA rays aren't as intense as UVB rays, but they make up about 95% of UV radiation and they have the same intensity no matter the season or time. They are able to penetrate clouds and glass, so we get a lot more exposure. They also penetrate the skin more deeply than UVB, so they significantly contribute to aging.

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Just in case you skipped over that last paragraph, let me tell you again. UVA rays make up 95% of UV radiation and they have the same intensity no matter the season or time. They are able to penetrate clouds and glass - and they penetrate the skin more deeply than UVB. So we get a lot more exposure and they significantly contribute to aging. This is why it's important to wear sunscreen on a daily basis instead of just when you're outside in sunny weather.

Avoiding sunburn and decreasing your chances of developing skin cancer as well as slowing the aging process are good enough reasons to wear daily sunscreen, for sure. But there are other reasons it's important. If you have rosacea like me, then it's very likely that sun exposure worsens the condition. What may be a temporary flush can eventually become permanent redness. If exposure to sun is one of your triggers (meaning it causes the condition to flare up), it's important to recognize that and practice daily sun safety.

If you're taking medications that cause sun sensitivity your skin will be much more sensitive to UV rays and without protection, you can damage your skin in just minutes. You're going to want to protect your skin by wearing a daily sunscreen with a minimum SPF of 15-30.

If you're spending hundreds or thousands of dollars a year on anti-aging products and/or procedures and not wearing daily sunscreen, you are throwing your money away. The sun is the major cause of premature aging. Taking a few minutes to apply sunscreen not only saves your skin, but it also saves your money!

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I have been practicing sun safety for almost 30 years. I do not ever try to get a tan (unless it's a sunless tan), and I wear sunscreen. If I'm at the beach, it's not during the hottest part of the day, and I'm always under an umbrella and/or wearing a hat, and wearing sunscreen with at least 50 SPF. I use a sunscreen on my face every day of the year. I wear it whether I'm leaving the house or not. But - I was often negligent about using sunscreen daily on my body. I always used it when I was going to be outside, but I just couldn't find one that I was willing to use everyday.

It's not because I didn't want to - it was because I couldn't find one I liked well enough to use every day. I had favorites for my face and for the beach, but for daily use I didn't want to feel greasy or smell like sunscreen. My nose is super sensitive and I can detect the faintest hint of that sunscreen smell. I tried moisturizers that contained SPF, but I still didn't like them and would stop using them after awhile. When Lexli offered to send me some of their Sunscreen Spray, I agreed to try it, but I'll be honest - from past experience with sunscreens, I didn't hold out much hope of continuing to use it on a daily basis, let alone actually liking it.

I was wrong.

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I have used it everyday all summer. It's just part of my routine now. It has a great spray pump, it's easy to smooth out, and it absorbs quickly and completely. My skin only feels soft and smooth after applying - never greasy or tacky. The fragrance is very light and dissipates within a few minutes. I never get whiffs of it later on, and I never smell that "sunscreen" smell.

It has SPF 15, which is enough for me on most days. I don't get a lot of sun exposure on a daily basis, so this is enough to keep me safe while wandering around the house, going out to the mailbox or running quick errands. If I plan to be outside longer, I would use something with more SPF. If it came in SPF 30, I would snap it right up! (Note: Lexli does make a moisturizer with 30 SPF, but it also contains glycolic acid, which my skin does not tolerate well. But it's an option if you can use glycolic acid!)

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This is a chemical sunscreen and contains botanical fragrance extracts. I prefer mineral sunscreen for my face, so I'm only using this one on my body. My skin is sensitive to some fragrances, but this product has not caused any issues so far. I really, really like it.

It also doesn't affect my sunless tan. I've had some greasy sunscreens shorten the life of my faux tan and others have actually made the tan rub right off my skin. But I can apply (and reapply) the Lexli Sunscreen Spray without any issues at all. I definitely recommend it!

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Interested in the products I use on my face? Check out My Top 5 Favorite Sunscreens and My Morning Anti-aging Skincare Routine. Want to learn more about my sunless tanning routine? Check out my Sunless Tanning Series. To read more about rosacea, my Five Important Things I've Learned About Rosacea, Aloe Vera and Rosacea, and 5 Summer Beauty Tips for Sensitive Skin & Rosacea posts will provide more information.


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