30 May 2014

Fashion for Friday: Grey and Pink

Happy Friday, everyone! And because it's Friday, it's time for Fashion for Friday!!

Now that the weather is cooperating, there are so many fun things to do on the weekend! I want to be comfy, but I also want to look "put-together", so this week's outfit is something I would wear to visit the zoo, check out local festivals, go to the park, or my personal favorite - shop!

I love white shorts! They always look so summery - and they show off a tan! These shorts are from J. Crew and sell for $85 - but white shorts are pretty easy to find, like these less-expensive versions from Old Navy (currently on sale for $12) and Gap (on sale for $21.99).

And I was totally ready to buy this t-shirt from Gap (on sale for $11.96) - it's so cute! But then I realized that this is a "girls" size! If you're tiny, you can probably still wear it (it goes up to size XXL) - unfortunately, the boob fairy spilled her bag of fairy dust as she passed over my house, so I won't be wearing any girl-size tops. I do have this Gap essential tee in grey (on sale for $13.96) and it's one of my favorite shirts - but I wish it had polka dots!

I already have these Toms, and they're also super comfy. I love Toms, and would gladly own a pair in every color/style! I don't think you can get this particular style from Toms right now, but they are available on Amazon. Toms does have a similar pair. If you have a Tradehome store in your local mall, they sell Toms - and if you join the free rewards program, for every $200 you spend, you get a free pair of shoes. So for every 4 pairs of Toms you buy, you get a pair for free! (At least they had this at my store the last time I was there.)

The necklace/earrings ($18) and wristlet ($10) are from Charming Charlie. Who doesn't love that place? The most difficult thing about shopping there is limiting how much I buy!

The watch, of course, is Michael Kors (on sale at Nordstrom for $236.98). I absolutely love my Michael Kors watch! But if you prefer to spend less and buy more, then you can find similar watches at Charming Charlie. This one is $25 and this one is $22.

What's your favorite thing about this outfit? I'm off to buy those $12 shorts at Old Navy!

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